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What is Apple Silicon?

Leibniz Li


Apple Silicon is a series of chips based on the ARM architecture launched by Apple for its Mac computer product line. It is a processor designed by Apple, using ARM architecture, to replace the traditional Intel processor based on x86 architecture. Apple Silicon chips, represented by the M1 chip, are an important achievement for Apple in designing its own chips.

Apple Silicon chips use Apple's own-developed processor architecture, which is very different from previous Intel chips in terms of architectural design, performance and power consumption efficiency. Apple claims its Apple Silicon chips have competitive advantages in performance and power efficiency, delivering faster performance and longer battery life for Mac computers.

The AMD64 architecture is what is also known as x86_64, x64 or even Intel 64-bit architecture. This is what you would typically see in slightly older Macs introduced before Apple Silicon.

You can check the architecture of your own computer by opening the Terminal application, and running the following command:


On the M1 chip it will display: arm64


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